Keith Olbermann Threatens to Boycott Twitter Over Deadspin Suspension Screenshot - H 2015
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"They come back, or we go."

ESPN's Keith Olbermann threatened to stage a walkout over Deadspin's suspension on Twitter.

On Monday, the sports news outlet could not be viewed on the social media platform for a short time. When users tried to access the account, they were redirected to a page that read: "This account has been suspended. Learn more about why Twitter suspends accounts, or return to your timeline."

"Based on the notices we got from Twitter, it looks like it's the NFL," Lacey Donohue, executive managing editor at Gawker Media, said in an email concerning what happened.

Olbermann — who has more than 548,000 followers — vented his frustration at Twitter, calling the suspension "gratuitous" and "unexplained censorship." He also threatened to boycott the service as a result: "They come back, or we go."

The suspension was apparently due to a Deadspin tweet that contained restricted NFL footage.

Neither Twitter nor the NFL returned requests for comment on the incident.