Deals coming at Just for Laughs

Tu Rae, Jon Lajoie among talent inking pacts

MONTREAL -- As the 26th annual Just for Laughs comedy festival here nears its end, first deals started coming in.

Standup Tu Rae got himself a management deal by the weekend, while Jon Lajoie's musical comedy has earned him an HBO deal, according to sources.
Tu Rae, who was featured on a "New Faces" showcase of up-and-coming standups, signed with Bjorn Wentlandt of MacDonald-Murray Management, who recently opened the firm's New York office.

Rae's sets, built around bits about his getting older, earned positive reviews for having a strong point of view. Among Rae's material that drew hearty laughs in Montreal were jokes about his not being able to stay awake for a whole day without a nap and about being strong, but well past his fight age.

Rae also scored with a routine about having to simply try to do your best -- whether it comes to sex or raising kids.

Meanwhile, Lajoie, a standout in the musical comedy show at Just for Laughs, in recent days signed an HBO deal.

Lajoie, who currently lives in Canada, will look to develop a show with at least some musical elements for the network. Further details are not known yet.

Online musical videos created by the 27-year-old have drawn millions of hits. His best-known comedic song is probably the rap "Everyday Normal Guy."

Lajoie's JFL performances have won rave reviews from audiences and industry observers alike.
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