'Death' gets new face via Petty


Rogue Pictures is bringing back "Faces of Death," a faux-documentary from the 1970s that purported to show actual deaths of humans and animals.

J.T. Petty is in negotiations to write and direct the remake, which will be produced by Rick Benattar, Susan Montford and Don Murphy of Angry Films.

When the original movie was released in 1978, it showed explicit death scenes and was banned, at least temporarily, in several countries. The snuff film entered the domain of urban legend when it later was revealed that the human component and some of the animal scenes were faked, and the move became one of the decade's great hoaxes. The movie, which featured a narrator named Dr. Francis B. Gross, went on to become a cult film and spawned five sequels.

The remake would not be a documentary or a faux-documentary but rather a straightforward feature. It would be low-budget horror and a possible franchise, in the tradition of "Saw."

Andrew Rona is overseeing for Rogue.

Petty, who is repped by Gersh, is behind the horror movie "Sandman."

Angry Films is in postproduction on "Shoot 'Em Up," an action movie starring Clive Owen, and is one of the companies behind Michael Bay's "Transformers."