Debate Sensation Ken Bone Says He Went With Red Sweater After Splitting Suit Pants

Ken Bone - GETTY - H 2016
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"Happy consequence of eating like an athlete and not training like one," the audience member says.

Ken Bone became an instant Internet sensation when he asked a question during the second presidential debate on Sunday night. 

Sporting a mustache and wearing a vibrant red sweater, the Missouri resident asked Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton about the country's energy needs. But his question really could have been about anything because the online community was instantly taken with Bone and his name was trending worldwide on Twitter within minutes. 

Bone did a few interviews Monday morning, but the best was when he joined St. Louis' radio station 590 The Fan and explained his outfit choice. 

"The sweater was actually the backup plan," Bone said over the phone to the show's hosts. "I had this really lovely olive suit that I was going to wear, and I split the seam of my pants as I was getting into my car to leave for the debate. So the sweater was plan B."

The hosts asked what he did to split his pants, to which Bone replied, "I was just fat. Happy consequence of eating like an athlete and not training like one." 

Bone said he was able to talk to both Trump and Clinton for a brief moment after the debate, but he still does not know who he is voting for next month. He will decide after the third and final debate, he said. 

"I thought Secretary Clinton was very impressive with some of her answers," Bone said. 

He called his newfound fame "bizarre," telling the radio hosts when he turned on his phone after the debate, he had 423 Facebook friend requests. "I went ahead and accepted them all. It made me feel pretty good for a minute."

All joking aside, Bone said he is happy for the attention. "I am just really glad people are being engaged in the political process even if it is just via my ridiculous Twitter profile."

Bone also did an interview with CNN in which he joked that his mustache was helpful, overall, to him becoming Internet wildfire. 

Watch the full CNN interview below: