Debbie Reynolds' Son Opens Up About Losing His Mother and Sister Carrie Fisher: "It's Magical They Are Together"

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“From the family's perspective, this is Debbie's destiny," Todd Fisher said during Friday's '20/20.'

Todd Fisher, whose mother Debbie Reynolds and sister Carrie Fisher both passed away this week, spoke about his family's devastating loss on Friday's 20/20. 

Speaking with ABC's Elizabeth Vargas, he said that he's comforted knowing they are together because "my mother wouldn't have it any other way."

Star Wars star Carrie Fisher died at age 60 on Tuesday after suffering a heart attack days prior. Reynolds was rushed to the hospital after suffering a stroke the following day, and died later that night. She was 84.

Todd Fisher, who had been beside Reynold's bedside when she passed, detailed the very moment his mother closed her eyes, "went to sleep and left." 

"She said that she really wanted to be with Carrie. And within 15 minutes from that conversation, she faded out. And within 30 minutes, she technically was gone," he said, to which Vargas replied, "It sounds like you're saying she willed herself to die."

Fisher told her he believed it. "I'm saying that my mother, if anybody, had somehow a way to do that, and I watched it happen in front of my face," he said. "I was on her bed with her, and I watched her leave and go to Carrie."

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He added, "From the family's perspective, this is Debbie's destiny. She didn't want to leave Carrie and did not want her to be alone." Despite what people may have thought, Reynolds hadn't been in deep "inconsolable" grief when she passed, he said. Fisher said Reynolds "didn't die of a broken heart," but willfully "left to be with Carrie."

Regarding the sometimes strained but close-knit relationship between his mother and sister, he explained, "Carrie was a force of nature in her own right, you know. It took another force of nature to bridle and work with that and [Reynolds] was great with her."

Fisher noted perhaps God needed a helping hand: "My mother loved helping her and watching after her. … I think she'll be of great assistance in heaven with Carrie."

Fisher is planning a joint funeral for his mother and sister with his niece, Carrie's 24-year-old daughter Billie Lourd, which will be held privately at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles. The two will be buried next to each other and in the company of pianist Liberace and actress Bette Davis.

"It's horrible, but it's beautiful," he said of the tragedy. "It's magical they are together. It's beyond words, it's beyond understanding."

Watch videos below from the rest of 20/20's report on the deaths of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.

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ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos
ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos
ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos
ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos