Debbie Tucker Green Gets BFI Backing for Big Screen Debut

The British Film Institute's production fund will back Green's "Second Coming," Ester May Campbell also secures backing for her first movie.

LONDON -- BAFTA TV winner Debbie Tucker Green, writer of Channel 4 drama Random, has secured production backing from the British Film Institute's film fund.

Green's Second Coming, to be produced by Hillbilly Films, has been developed and will be co-financed by Film4, Channel 4's movie unit.

A drama set in present day London, the script tells story of a family, the impact of pregnancy and a woman struggling with her mental state.

Tucker Green is also an Olivier award winner as most promising newcomer.

The award is one of two to come via the BFI Film fund's new editorial process which gives first time directors working with budgets under $3 million (£2 million) the chance to be considered every three months. 

Esther May Campbell, the winner of a BAFTA for her short film in 2009 also secures backing for her directorial debut Light Years.

Campbell's TV resume includes work on Skins and Wallander.

Light Years, produced by Third Films, follows a day in the life of an eight year old girl in an "intense journey" to find her mother that is steeped in atmosphere, explores complex familial, socio-cultural and environmental issues, and has a pointed relevance to our time.

BFI's new editorial process sees the BFI Film Fund continue to welcome applications year round but now considers them collectively at set times.

It is designed to "create a level playing field and provide equal opportunity for every first feature," the fund's decision makers said.

BFI Film Fund director Ben Roberts said: "Given the volume of applications we receive for projects with first time directors, we wanted to make a commitment to regular reviews of emerging filmmakers that is fair, open and inclusive."

Both Campbell and Green will get a "letter of intent" from the BFI cashpool to proffer as proof of part funding to help attract other funders to their projects.

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