Deborah Lippmann Thinks We'll See These 5 Nail Trends During Awards Season

Deborah Lippmann - H 2014
Lisa Van Hecke

Deborah Lippmann - H 2014

Expect a lot of color at the VMAs and the exact opposite at the Emmys, says the celebrity manicurist

It's time to step up your nail game for fall. The VMAs and Emmys are both around the corner, but that’s not the only reason celebrity and fashion manicurist Deborah Lippmann flew out to L.A. this week. She’s in town to fete both the 15th anniversary of her own uber-popular luxe line of lacquers and the one-year birthday of the super-chic Beverly Hills nail salon Olive & June, which she did Thursday night with a well-attended cocktail party. As guests sipped tomato-basil gimlets she proved that her talents go far beyond talons with a vocal performance accompanied by a jazz trio.

We chatted with the manicure maven — who paints up people like Gwyneth Paltrow, Lady Gaga and Cher — about the celebrity nail game and got her to spill a few fall expectations and predictions.

1. Think outside the box for the VMAs.

"I think they’ll be fun. We’ll see stiletto nails — long and pointy — on some of the girls and definitely a lot of color," says Lippmann. "I love watching Lady Gaga, especially when I’m not working on her. And I like to see what Rihanna will do."

2. Expect the exact opposite at the Emmys.

"More classic reds and nudes,” says the expert. "For the nudes it’s still more beige-y than pink, and I’ve been seeing what I like to call a dirty berry — not quite red and not quite brown. It’s something in between, maybe the new version of a greige.” As for length, she says "nails are still a bit longer, but I think they’re gradually going back to short." She calls out Zooey Deschanel as someone who might do something "super fun."

3. Nail art is getting more sophisticated.

"I don’t think nail art is gone, but it’s getting more refined and graphic. It’s now more two colors, maybe three, and in a V-shape or lines — just not as crazy."

4. Fall's "it” colors go dark.

"I'm thinking gunmetal," she says. "And the dirty berry dark berry-brown color. It’s a neutral without really being a neutral, but while still sort of being a color."

5. The nail industry continues to push the boundaries of society.

After the huge nail art movement, the beauty expert is excited about the direction of nail trends. "I’m happy to see it didn’t go back to absolutely nothing. It’s leveled off to a place where people are still wearing a color, maybe even a different color on every finger. It’s become acceptable in the workplace," says Lippmann. "When I started my brand 15 years ago, you couldn’t really wear red nails to the office. We’ve come a long way, baby."

(Photo credit: Lisa Van Hecke)