DECE: UltraViolet Registration Surges In First Three Months

Paranormal Activity 3 Bed Press Still - H 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 Bed Press Still - H 2011

More than 750,000 households have registered for the service since its launch, with “hundreds” of releases planned in 2012.

LAS VEGAS--More than 750,000 households in the US have registered for UltraViolet accounts in the three months since the service launched, according to the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem consortium, which is leading the effort.

UltraViolet is essentially a “purchase once, watch anywhere” model for digital content through which consumers can maintain a personal, virtual digital content library. DECE member studios suggest that this could improve the value prop for digital content ownership.

DECE offered an update on the UltraViolet rollout Tuesday at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Nineteen UltraViolet movies have already been released—a combination of Sony, Universal and Warner Bros. titles. Collectively from these studios “hundreds” more are expected to become available in 2012, according to Mark Teitell, DECE’s general manager and executive director.

Release plans include new release titles, such as Moneyball, J. Edgar, Happy Feet 2, Tower Heist and Hop, along with theatrical catalog and TV titles, including The Town, The Smurfs and One Tree Hill Season 9, Chuck Season 5 and The Big Bang Theory, Seasons 1 and 2.

Paramount’s first UltraViolet title, Paranormal Activity 3, is slated for Jan. 24 availability.

UltraViolet launched in the UK on December 26 with availability of Final Destination 5. UltraViolet-enabled titles planned for the UK in 2012 includes, Crazy Stupid Love, Midnight in Paris and Dolphin Tale. In 2012, further international expansion is planned into countries including Canada.

Amazon has signed an agreement with an undisclosed studio through which then will offer UV rights to consumers.

At CES, Samsung and Panasonic were among the technology manufacturers that announced support for UltraViolet in select devices. 

The DECE consortium includes roughly 75 member companies. As first reported by CNET, Netflix didn’t renew its DECE membership this year.

Two leading companies that have remained absent from the DECE consortium have been Apple and Disney.

Asked if there were any changes, Tietell said, “I’m optimistic that Disney is going to work with Ultraviolet.”

He added, “you can download and stream (Ultraviolet content) to Apple mobile devices (with a supported app).”