Decked Out: How to Pack Like Joss Stone When You're Traveling Around the World

Lenka Ulrichova
Joss Stone was photographed at Fig and Olive on Nov. 10.

The British songstress will auction off her onstage threads for international charities.

"There are a couple of different rules to the Total World Tour. You play one major gig in every country in the world," explains songstress Joss Stone, who's already one year into her musical adventure. The next rule, explains Stone, is that she collaborates with a local musician in each country. And finally, she adds, "Whilst we’re there, we visit a charity or somebody that’s doing something good."

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Not only does it help spread the charity’s message, but it’s also beneficial for Stone and her entourage, who learn about each country’s environmental and humanitarian issues along the way (in the States, for example, she stopped by Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago). An added bonus: "We also get to meet the beautiful people around the world. They’re all volunteers, they don’t get paid."

It’s what fans have come to expect from the kind-hearted 27-year-old soul singer, whose recently released seventh album, the reggae-tinged Water for Your Soul, is the product of four years of musical experimentation, soul-searching and travel (including an inspirational trip around Europe in a camper van with her boyfriend to nourish her hippie side).

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Since winning the BBC talent show Star for a Night at age 13, the free-spirited blonde has sold more than 12 million albums worldwide, starting with her debut album, The Soul Sessions, at age 16. Most of the album was written before Stone embarked on her tour in 2014; by the time it was released this summer, many songs had been reworked to encompass new sounds, instruments and inspirations.

By the end of 2015, Stone will have crossed off 50 countries on her list; in 2016, she hopes to knock off another 67.

"Next year I want to do three weeks on tour, three weeks at home," says the English born-and-bred singer. So how does one pack for the never-ending trip around the globe? "My packing skills are really flawed," jokes Stone, who regularly goes on what she dubs "crisis shopping trips" when she’s on the road and at home. These include placing massive online orders at and stocking up on pieces when she’s back in England, and hitting local shops around the globe during her tour stops (before a recent performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Stone and her boyfriend hit Bloomingdale’s, where she picked up two Free People dresses).

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At home, expect to find the animal-loving Stone in jeans, Wellingtons, and a hoodie — an outfit suited to her life in the countryside that’s dictated by her "four slobbery dogs." Onstage, however, it’s a different story, where the singer is usually spotted barefoot, in flowing pieces like long skirts, which lend themselves to movement. On occasion, Stone will opt for a short skirt or tight top, but usually regrets the move, for fear of "flashing my bum or my boobs," she says.

The last rule on Stone’s tour revolves around her wardrobe. "Every time I play a gig I try to wear a different dress. Some of them cost me $20, some of them cost $200. So I thought, 'Why don’t I donate them to the charity in that country?' " This includes the outfit she’s currently wearing — a skirt and top handcrafted by Etsy designer RawRagsbyPK, who made a handful of custom items for Stone after the singer discovered her one-of-a-kind pieces online. Stone plans to auction off all the items at the end of her tour, and bring awareness to the organizations and people she’s encountered along the way. "I really want to raise a lot of money for these charities," Stone says.

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"My look is comfortable, it’s free of any type of rules. And I’m going to say it’s colorful, even though I’m sitting here in a white dress," she says with a laugh. "A pink or a yellow does that, and that’s nice. I like it to make people feel happy when they see me."

1. Nose ring: "I bought this is in Camden market. I just replaced it after seven years."

2. Jewelry: The pieces vary from a ring her boyfriend gave her to pieces she bought at Claire's. "I like cheap and cheerful."

3. Top and skirt: Both by Etsy designer RawRagsbyPK. "I like that it has these little jewels. Her pieces are so unique. She also makes dresses and really cool crotchet stuff."

Joss Stone was photographed by Lenka Ulrichova at Fig & Olive in Los Angeles.