Decked Out: Singer Domino Kirke on Jumpsuits and Jorts

Meredith Jenks

The singer and doula (who also happens to be Jemima's big sis) opens up her dreamy Williamsburg apartment and reveals her style secrets.

London-born singer Domino Kirke, 31, comes by cool naturally: She has a rock star for a dad (Bad Company’s Simon Kirke), a famous younger sister (GirlsJemima Kirke), a celebrity shoe designer for a cousin (Charlotte Olympia designer Charlotte Dellal) and a female bounty hunter for a namesake (Domino Harvey). The melodic lyricist, whose music was featured in Lena Dunham’s 2010 Tiny Furniture, is currently working with Luke Temple of Here We Go Magic.

But she also has an atypical side gig: She’s a doula. “I still have trouble being on call, never knowing when I’m going to have to go to a birth, and planning my life as a musi­cian,” says Kirke, who gave birth to her son, Cassius Riley, in 2009. In 2012, Kirke founded Carriage House Birth, a collective of 30 doulas, near her railroad-style, walk-up apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

As if all that didn’t collude to make her one of the hippest chicks in music, she also dates actor-musician Penn Badgley and consistently nails an effortless vintage vibe. Kirke opens her home — and her closet — to share her favorite finds and treasured keepsakes.

Garden State: “I’m obsessed with any kind of floral print. People who know me know I wear this shirt four times a week.”


Family Jewels: "My sister [Jemima] got me this bracelet that has my son’s initials on it."


Romper Room: “I love a jumpsuit, and I have a bunch of them. I’m known for wearing them like a uniform.” 


In Her Shoes: "I’ve had these [boots] for probably 10 years, since high school. They’re Frye’s."


Just Jorts: “I am a sucker for an old pair of Levi’s and a worn-out shirt. I don’t have a label thing.”


In Her Shoes: "My cousin [Olympia] makes shoes [right]. And they are phenomenal. But the problem is, stuff that’s beautiful, I f— up. I lost the ribbon for these. I can’t wear them anymore."


This story first appeared in the Aug. 9 issue of Billboard magazine.

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