'Decoy Bride' adds cast

Urie, Castelluccio join Sheree Folkson's comedy

LONDON -- Michael Urie and Federico Castelluccio have joined the cast of "The Decoy Bride," alongside David Tennant, Kelly MacDonald and Alice Eve.

The pair signed up for the comedy written by Neil Jaworski and comedienne Sally Phillips and directed by Sheree Folkson.

The project reunites Folkson with Tennant and Urie having directed the "Doctor Who" star in television show "Casanova" and Urie in "Ugly Betty."

It tells the story of a wedding sabotaged by a paparazzo, a decoy bride and love rivalry.

Robert Bernstein and Douglas Rae of Ecosse Films and Paul Ritchie are the producers with CinemaNX distributing in the U.K. and HanWay Films handling international sales.

Scottish Screen is also backing the film scheduled to shoot for five weeks on the Isle of Man and in Scotland beginning this month.