DEG to raise Blu-ray awareness

Company announces $25 million ad campaign

The Digital Entertainment Group on Wednesday announced a $25 million ad campaign aimed at spreading consumer awareness of the Blu-ray Disc HD home entertainment format.

The first spot in the industry group's "Tru Blu" campaign aired Sunday during Fox's NFL telecast. Studio support for the effort includes backing from Lionsgate, Sony, Fox, Universal, Disney and Warner Bros., with consumer-electronics manufacturers Panasonic and Sony Electronics also on board.

The holiday season is considered a potentially watershed period for consumer embrace of the fledgling Blu-ray format, which Hollywood hopes will help sustain home-entertainment revenue even as DVD sales begin to slide.

"Blu-ray is clearly the best way to watch and experience high definition in the home," Disney home entertainment topper and DEG chairman Bob Chapek said. "Blu-ray is the clear successor to DVD and will enable a revolutionary entertainment experience that will transcend the next decade of movie watching in the home."

TV spots are planned for airing on broadcast programming during the holiday period as well as on cable channels including ESPN, Comedy Central, TBS and the Discovery Channel. The Blu-ray promo campaign also features an in-store component to support retailers' more grassroots Blu-ray marketing efforts.