Delay likely for N.Y. state incentives program

Budget's passage probably will be pushed beyond April 1

NEW YORK -- The New York state budget -- and a five-year incentives program that is part of it and calls for $420 million a year in film and TV production tax credits -- look likely to be delayed beyond April 1, the day a budget bill is supposed to be passed.

Empire State Gov. David Paterson late Wednesday issued emergency spending bills that will keep the state open for business through April 14 as the state Senate, Assembly and governor still appeared ways apart on a final budget agreement. After Friday, Albany lawmakers are set to take an Easter/Passover vacation until April 7.

Entertainment industry representatives are hoping for as little delay as possible to retain and attract productions.

"Any delay by N.Y. causes uncertainty," said John Johnston, executive director of the New York Production Alliance. "Uncertainty causes delay by producers to commit to NY."

The N.Y. state budget has often been late in recent decades, being approved with several months' delay in some years. Over the last few years, it has only been delayed by a day or a few.
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