Deliberations begin in Thai film bribery case

Greens accused of conspiracy and money laundering

LOS ANGELES -- Jurors have begun deliberating the case against a filmmaking couple accused of bribing Thai officials so they could run a film festival in Bangkok.

The seven-man, five-woman jury on Friday weighed whether Gerald and Patricia Green are guilty of conspiracy, money laundering and other counts. If convicted, they could receive up to life in prison.

Prosecutors say the Greens paid the former governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand about $1.8 million by transferring money into bank accounts of the official's daughter and friend. In exchange, the couple ran the film festival and allegedly received other tourism-related deals that netted them about $13.5 million.

Gerald Green's producing credits include "Salvador," and "Rescue Dawn." His wife worked with her husband on lesser-known films.
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