Great Scott! DeLorean Moves Into the Bike Business

Delorean Bicycle - H 2012

Delorean Bicycle - H 2012

The ''Back to the Future'' carmaker resurrects its brand with a new line of bicycles in their signature stainless steel.

If Marty McFly came back to this future, he’d be a clumsy hipster type who still strums to Tom Petty, but now pedals to 88-miles-per hour on a sleek new DeLorean bicycle, which have just been announced as a partnership between DeLorean motor company, Antonio Sarto racing frames and DeLorean bicycles. The company is releasing three models of the stainless steel rides.

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The 11-speed “Anyday” model fits recreational riders who commute around the city, while the “Speed” model targets passionate cyclists who enjoy the occasional Tour de France race. These wheels cost $5,495 and $5,995, respectively -- after all, they bear the DeLorean name. The “Cruise” is still in development and wears no price tag yet.

"The price is dictated by the metal -- you can’t make a DeLorean bike and not make it stainless steel,” says Marc Moore of DeLorean bicycles and a former DeLorean owner himself. “The thing that DeLorean is known for is stainless. Instead of it just being a look, it’s the real deal.”

Each bicycle is handcrafted, with Italian-made Columbus stainless steel tubes welded and braised together for a smooth, lightweight ride. Current purchasers will also receive a personalized, branded messenger bag that mimics the clean look. Moore estimates that just 500 of each model will be released worldwide per year.

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Moore says he has already received interest from all over the world. “It’s pretty evident by the amount of interest we’ve had that if you’re a DeLorean fan, you’re probably a fan of the movie; and if you’re not a fan of the movie, you’re still a fan of the car. The movie is definitely a driving force for why the car is still around."

Considering the cultural synonymity of the car brand and the film franchise, Moore admits he'd be over the moon if a DeLorean Bicycle made it to the big screen, like the vehicle that inspired it first did back in 1985.

“With all the remakes coming out, people are still hoping for another Back to the Future film. Whether Hollywood uses a DeLorean again -- [Universal Pictures] could never not, they’d be ostracized to the end of the world if they didn’t.”

Moore and Stephen Wynne of Delorean motor company first tossed around the idea years ago.

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“One night, he says to me, ‘I’ve gotta get in shape, I gotta get a bike. What should I buy?’” recalls Moore, a passionate cyclist himself. After discussing potential purchases -- and price points, since Wynne was shocked that a quality set of spokes run for upwards of $2,000, “he laughed and said, ‘You know, what I need is a DeLorean bike.’ We were throwing around the idea of stainless steel, but we put it on the backburner.”

As stainless steel became a revered material in bicycle manufacturing, Moore approached Antonio Sarto racing frames about turning the discarded idea into a future reality. “They’ve been in the business for 50 years, and though they’re mostly carbon fiber now, they’re masters of metal. So I went back to Stephen and said, I think the time is right. It’s a good time.”

Though the bicycle line was originally Wynne's idea during that conversation years go, he was skeptical to slap the brand name on what could become a bad licensing deal. “He said, ‘I’ve never really linked my name to anything; I just never really wanted to make a branding exercise on anything,’” said Moore of Wynne and the DeLorean brand. “He said to me, ’You’re a rider; if you made something that you will ride’ — he knew I was very picky — ‘then in the end, we’re good.'”

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With the green light, Moore prioritized staying “true to the brand -- it had to be clean, uncluttered, and had to embody, as best you could on two wheels, a DeLorean car. Color schemes, paint, hydraulics, everything. Everything we did, we thought about, piece by piece.”

DeLorean Bicycles will soon be available online.