Deluxe greases skids for digital


Deluxe Digital Studios has responded to increasing market requirements to move content around quickly.

Deluxe Digital Studios, including its Efilm brand, is standardizing its global operations on manufacturer Signiant's digital content distribution system.

The software-based system has many uses. Productions can send content from location to postproduction; a director can review a cut remotely; or a company can send finished features to foreign countries for day-and-date release.

Signiant's file-based Digital Media Distribution Management System was designed as an automated and secure global transmission process that operates over existing Internet connections.

Signiant's chief strategy officer Tom Ohanian — no stranger to filmmaking; he won an Academy Award for the co-development of the Avid editing system — said that some Signiant customers already are saving upward of six figures per month using DMDMS compared with physical distribution of content.

"Postproduction and distribution of films has become more complex, especially as releasing films simultaneously around the world has become more popular," he said. "A film's domestic version can change throughout the postproduction process, typically very close to its release date, leaving little time to make the necessary changes on the international versions."

Ohanian added that the system also was designed to address piracy concerns. "In order to curb piracy in the prerelease stage — where it often occurs — it is important to start removing physical distribution." (partialdiff)