Demi Lovato Is a Pun Loving Genius

Demi Lovato, Cool for the Summer Video Still - H 2015

Demi Lovato, Cool for the Summer Video Still - H 2015

With an affinity for drinkware.

Interviews are par for the course when you're a celebrity, but that doesn't mean the constant barrage of mundane, often repetitive and/or irrelevant questions doesn't begin to wear on a person after awhile. Which is why we appreciate that Demi Lovato, secret pun lover, chose to spice things up a bit in a recent interview. 

"What's your favorite dish?" a reporter innocently asked the starlet, perhaps truly intrigued to discover the 23-year-old's culinary taste. No one could have possibly been prepared for Lovato's straight-faced, dad joke-worthy response. 

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"I like mugs," she replied, maintaining her serious composure. But the fun didn't stop there — Lovato took the "joke" to an entirely new level by giving a fully developed, well-supported answer (with examples!) that would make any teacher beam with pride. 

"They're very comfortable in your hand," she gushed of her favorite drinkware, "And they hold hot things, so you don't have to touch. So um, your coffee and your hot tea."

The "Cool for the Summer" singer went so far as to commemorate the moment with a mug shot (ba-dum tsss) posted to Instagram, where she's casually hanging with her main dishes. Because hanging out with a squad of living, breathing socialites (*cough* Taylor Swift *cough*) is so two months ago. 


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