Demi Lovato Releases Cover Shot For New Single, 'Skyscraper' (Photo)

Demi Lovato's "Skyscraper"

Read the former Disney star's slightly parted lips: I'm back.

Like a glossy-lipped phoenix, Demi Lovato rises. And there have definitely been signs of new life for the teen star recently.

After fading away into the darkness after a much-publicized fight with a tour dancer, and battling alcohol and drug abuse rumors when she checked herself into rehab for what her reps called emotional and physical issues (later disclosing she suffers from bipolar disorder), the teen star has emerged once again.

Her twitter account is littered with the word “Skyscraper” – the name of her new single. Fans helped her to make the title trend recently and Lovato, 18, celebrated Independence Day in her own way by sharing the single’s album cover on Monday.

Apparently, she shot the video for the single last month, saying, "Wow... Just watched a rough cut of my music video... It's coming so soon you guys!!!!!!!" So start the countdown folks: “Skyscraper” should drop any moment now.

Who needs a Disney show anyway?

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