Demi Moore 911 Call Reveals She Suffered From Convulsions, 'Burning Up' (Audio)

Moore Trip to Israel
Michael Caulfield/Getty Images

Some folks will go anywhere for a bat mitzvah. Demi Moore (pictured) and Ashton Kutcher went to one in Israel in October and are headed back in August as guests of Philip Berg and Karen Berg, heads of L.A.'s Kabbalah Centre, who are presiding over a bat mitzvah there.

The 49-year-old actress is currently seeking treatment for "exhaustion" and "her overall health" according to her rep.

The 911 call friends made on behalf of Demi Moore before being rushed to the hospital Monday has been released. It reveals the actress suffered from convulsions, was “burning up,” and had ingested and inhaled at least two substances before falling ill.

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A female who describes herself as a friend of Moore makes the call and tries to answer the operator’s questions while paramedics made their way to the location. The woman discloses that Moore smoked something “incense like” before suffering from convulsions. In response to the operator’s question, the woman also says she ingested something else, but it's not clear what that was.

When asked if she had done this stuff before, the woman answers, “I don’t know. There’s been some stuff recently that we’re all just finding out.”

Moore’s rep confirmed to THR earlier this week that “Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health.”

Sarah Jessica Parker recently replaced Moore in the role of Gloria Steinem in the Linda Lovelace biopic. She filed for divorce from Ashton Kutcher in November.

Listen to the call below as posted by The Washington Post.