Demi Moore Honored by Visionary Women Group on International Women's Day

Rachel Murray/Getty Images
Visionary Women president Shelley Reid, chair Trina Venit, Demi Moore and board member Angella Nazarian

Adam Sandler also attended the Spago party, feting Moore for her work in the fight against child trafficking.

Actress and activist Demi Moore was honored on International Women’s Day for her nonprofit work to end child sex trafficking.

Visionary Women, a women’s empowerment nonprofit, presented Moore with the inaugural Visionary Women's Award and celebrated her organization THORN: Digital Defenders of Children with a $20,000 grant, board member Angella Nazarian told The Hollywood Reporter.

On Thursday, chef Wolfgang Puck’s Spago Beverly Hills restaurant hosted the event, featuring poet Gina Loring and National Poetry Slam Champion IN-Q. A chandelier made of white orchids hung in the center of the private room, while pink bouquets sat on cocktail tables next to glasses of Vineocean wine.

Moore, who recently acted on Empire, co-founded THORN with her ex Ashton Kutcher (That ‘70s Show) in 2010 as DNA Foundation.

She delivered a speech to a room packed with friends and supporters—most of whom were women. Actor Adam Sandler, model Maye Musk and Beverly Hills mayor Lili Bosse joined the crowd, as guests noshed on tuna tartare and sweet potato samosas. 

"We may not all be mothers. We may not all be sisters. But we are all daughters,” Moore told the full room. “And when I look at these little girls that are coerced into sex work, there's no little girl that's 13 years old that's saying, 'Yes, I want to sell my body.'"

THORN has identified 18,000 trafficking victims — 6,000 of which were children — and has led to 6,500 arrests of traffickers, Moore said. Her work was praised by longtime friend and event chair Trina Venit.

"I get a little emotional about it, because she's that person that you call anytime,” Venit told THR.

At the podium, Venit shared a story of when Moore showed up at Cedars-Sinai Hospital at 7:30 a.m. to give Venit’s daughter Madison a gold crown before she got a biopsy regarding a possible brain tumor, and then sat in the waiting room with Venit.

"You were sweet to Madison, but you are a rock for me," Venit said. "Most people know her as a movie star... I quickly saw the beauty beyond the surface."  

The night, sponsored by Cartier, also showcased two vocal performances about motherhood and some of the challenges women face.

Previously a guest artist of the American Embassy, Loring presented a poem that called women “the heartbeat of the world.”

Poet IN-Q—short for In Question— took the stage to share two pieces. The songwriter, who has worked with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Mike Posner, spoke first about a woman keeping in her pain.

He concluded with a spoken word performance about growing old and finding love at age 85. IN-Q then encouraged people to hug someone near them, since his words visibly moved the guests.

As a board member of Visionary Women, Mayor Bosse stressed her excitement over this time in history, when women are using their voices, she told THR.

"I was thinking this morning that I really am glad I'm a woman,” Moore said to the crowd. "As much as it's challenging being a woman, we've come a long way and have a long way to go. But right now we have an opportunity that I feel that I'm going to really see a significant change and that what we're leaving is a future."