Demi Moore Is Unrecognizable in Helena Rubinstein Cosmetic Ads (Poll)

Helena Rubenstein/Getty Images

The airbrush police have identified the actress as the latest victim of overzealous retouching in her new beauty ads.

Demi Moore’s new ad campaign for Helena Rubenstein cosmetics is getting a lot of attention. But most of the buzz is because of the shockingly unrecognizable face of the 49-year-old actress -- rather than the makeup she's supposed to be wearing.

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Recent marriage and health problems have caused visible weight loss and exhaustion, evidenced in photos from her last public appearance, at the Oct. 11 premiere of Margin Call in New York. But the actress looks some 20 years younger in the Rubenstein ads, with a much fuller, unlined face reminiscent of a Madame Tussauds wax figure rather than Moore herself.

Rubenstein has employed Moore for many years, and their latest collaboration is evidence of the company's continued support of the actress, even during a time of personal crisis.

But this isn't the first time Moore has faced media scrutiny for having advertising images of her retouched or digitally altered. A comparison of one 2009 Helena Rubenstein ad with its original photo shows the dramatic difference between Moore's in-person physicality and the end result of the campaign. A behind-the-scenes video for the 2010-launched fragrance Wanted on the Helena Rubinstein website further highlights how the company has augmented her natural beauty, while a sultry Moore, who looks happy and healthy, tells the camera: “He says I’m a free soul, that no one can own me. The truth is that I’m totally his when he whispers to me.” 

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That video was shot by Olivier Dahan -- who directed Marion Cotillard in La Vie en Rose, the award-winning film about the life of chanteuse Edith Piaf -- and is now working on Grace of Monaco. 

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