Demi Moore, Rumer Willis, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Talk Art at Florist Eric Buterbaugh's Gallery Show

Rosie HW and Demi_Rumer_Split - Getty - H 2019
Presley Ann/Getty Images for Beautycon; Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Christian Louboutin

His latest exhibit, "Fine Lines," will run through the end of February.

Hollywood-beloved florist and perfumer Eric Buterbaugh is known for his crystal-bottled scents and garden blooms. 

However, it was art that brought out notables such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Demi Moore to his Beverly Boulevard gallery space on Thursday evening to view his latest exhibit, "Fine Lines." The collection of graphite and ink work (ranging from $450 to $4,500) by London-based artists Felix Dolah, Ian Hodgson and Adam Riches — all of whom Buterbaugh’s newly appointed curator, Natalie Brady, discovered on Instagram — will be on display through the end of February.

“She’s snagged a lot of the ones we want,” Scout Willis said of her mother, Demi Moore, who had not arrived to the opening yet but had already added her name to the list of buyers on the night.

Although considering themselves amateurs to the art world, both Scout and her sister Rumer have been collectors for a while. “When we were younger, my mom used to give [artwork] to us as Christmas presents,” Rumer said. “It helped us find new artists. As I got older, I’ve become a little more interested.”

Shortly after, Demi arrived and took in a piece that she’s designated for her dining room. “I really love and gravitate toward Felix Dolah’s work,” she said. “There was something really interesting there for me. The juxtaposition with the baby faces and the bodies and the dark and the light just really moved me. All of them though, with the theme of the fine lines and how they’re used in different ways with different artists, are amazing.”

With the Sundance Film Festival in progress, the actress also had her own art in mind. “I leave in a couple of days for a premiere of Corporate Animals, she said of the film that’s also headlined by Jessica Williams, Dan Bakkedahl and Ed Helms. “It’s completely different from anything I’ve ever done, and hopefully [my character is] different from anything I am! She’s fairly self-centered and narcissistic, I would say, but entertaining, hopefully. In a fun way, she’s just misguided and isn’t seeing reality in its full scope.”

Throughout the night, Buterbaugh continued giving new guests a tour of his English-art-filled space.

“This is amazing, because I’m an Anglophile,” he said. “I go there all the time, and I know as many people in London as I know here. So anything with England I love. This show is special to me because it’s setting a new standard for the year.”