Demian Bichir Shares Advice on "What to Do if Immigration Agents Are at Your Door" in Video for ACLU

Demian Bichir

The former Oscar nominee was featured in a video tweeted by the ACLU sharing information on immigrant rights.

The ACLU shared a video of past Oscar nominee Demian Bichir offering tips and advice on immigrant rights on its official Twitter account on Saturday afternoon.

The actor, who was born in Mexico City and holds dual Mexican and American citizenship, offered advice in the short video in his native Spanish. "Remember, you have rights," said Bichir. "You are under no obligation to open the door. If the agents want to enter, ask them for a court order signed by a judge."

"The most important thing is for you not to lie or produce false documents," said Bichir. "Finally, make sure you don't sign anything without talking to a lawyer first."

The ACLU has been outspoken in its defiance of President Donald Trump's recent "immigration ban." Many in Hollywood are standing in unison with the organization, such as talent agency UTA, which recently announced it would cancel its annual Oscar party in lieu of a fundraiser for the ACLU.

Watch Bichir's video below.