Democrat Joe Donnelly Defeats GOP's Richard Mourdock in Indiana Senate Race

Joe Donnelly Headshot - P 2012

Joe Donnelly Headshot - P 2012

J.J. Abrams backed the effort to defeat the Republican candidate who called on women impregnated during rape to accept "God's will."

Voters in Indiana have elected Democratic Rep. Joe Donnelly as their new senator, a defeat for Republican challenger Richard Mourdock -- who said that women impregnated during rape should accept the child as “God’s will."

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Since that comment, Donnelly jumped ahead in state polls with a seven-point lead. The race, in a state called earlier Tuesday evening for Republican candidate Mitt Romney, is one Republicans never expected to lose. No one even thought it was in play until Mourdock's rape comments. The Democratic super PACs swung into action and made it a priority in the final weeks of the campaign. Star Trek director J.J. Abrams was an early Donnelly supporter.