Democratic Candidate Mistaken for Member of the Media at Debate

Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Democratic Debate candidates

John Hickenlooper's struggle to get noticed in the crowded presidential primary field was on full display when a staffer at the first Democratic debate mistook him for a member of the press.

The former Colorado governor was entering the Miami debate hall Wednesday when a security guard asked if he was there to pick up his media credentials.

A reporter for National Public Radio who witnessed the exchange tweeted that John Hickenlooper responded: "I'm a candidate."

But Hickenlooper may have gotten the last laugh with a jab at President Donald Trump, who was a reality TV star before he entered politics.

Hickenlooper quipped on Twitter: "Last time, we elected the most famous candidate. Let's try something new."

Hickenlooper will join nine other candidates Thursday night for the second of two debates.