2012 Democratic Convention: What Hollywood Is Saying About Night 1

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Kal Penn

Jamie Foxx, Eva Longoria and Gabrielle Union are among those weighing in on the events taking place in Charlotte, N.C.

The Democratic National Convention kicked off Tuesday night with a range of speakers including First Lady Michelle Obama.

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Also addressing the crowd in Charlotte, N.C., were actor Kal Penn, a co-chair for President Obama's re-election campaign; San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro; Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, brother of William Morris Endeavor co-CEO Ari Emanuel; Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley; Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick; Kathleen Sebelius, U.S. health and human services secretary; and women's equality activist Lilly Ledbetter.

Many in Hollywood took to Twitter to comment everything from the speeches themselves to the diversity in the audience. Among their reactions:

Jamie Foxx
How can u listen to Julian Castro's speech at the DNC and NOT be moved? #TeamOBAMA - the dream still lives!

Gabrielle Union
GORG dress! Lovin the intro music @DJCassidy... Michelle Obama rocks #proudamerican #DNC

The crowd at the #DNC actually look like the America I live in, ya know, DIVERSE (side eye #RNC)

Chuck Woolery
Notice there is no debt clock on the wall of the DNC?

DNC crowd looks more global doesn't it?

Erin Burnett
#dnc claim of @BarackObama creating 4.5M jobs. Doesn't totally add up: net private sector is neg 500K. Net overall? Neg 1.1M. (HT: bespoke)

Mia Farrow
In case u missed Gov Deval Patrick's awesome speech: http://thkpr.gs/OWFWu8 v/ @thinkprogress

Michael Ian Black
Notable difference between Republican and Democratic conventions: at the DNC, it's a little startling when they cut to a white guy.

Dave Foley
Decal Patrick and Lilly Ledbetter have delivered inspiring speeches back to back at DNC,reminding me of what I grew up admiring about the US

Eva Longoria
History is being made right now! Joaquin Castro introducing first Hispanic keynote speaker at DNC @JulianCastro #dnc2012