Al Franken Mocks "Megalomaniac" Donald Trump at Democratic Convention

During his speech Monday night, Franken joked that he got his "doctorate in megalomania studies at Trump University."

Sen. Al Franken turned his speech into a standup set on Monday during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, poking fun at Donald Trump, Trump University and "right-wing maniacs." 

Introducing himself as a "senator and world-renowned expert on right-wing maniacs," the former Saturday Night Live writer and performer warned the crowd that Democrats might be underestimating Trump, and said that he got his "doctorate in megalomania studies at Trump University." 

Franken went on to joke about Trump University's bankruptcy school and its library ("all of Trump's best-sellers are available at a special rate for students, which is 10 percent higher than the retail price"). 

Summing up his speech, Franken said, “I think rather than voting for someone who's never done anything for anyone other than himself, maybe we should go with a candidate who's spent her entire life working to get important things done for the American people."

Adding that he's known Hillary Clinton for "almost a quarter century," Franken said that he's "never met anyone smarter, tougher or more ready to lead us forward."

He added: "I am proud to call Hillary Clinton my friend and I can't wait to call her Madam President."

Franken ended his speech encouraging Clinton supporters and Democrats to use the months before the election to campaign for Clinton in order to ensure that Trump does not win the election in November.