Bernie Sanders Says Hillary Clinton Makes "Dynamite Beans" in Bad Lip Reading's Version of the Democratic Debate

Courtesy of BLR/ YouTube

The candidates also share explanations of drawings they made in this parody of the first Democratic debate.

The team at Bad Lip Reading put words into the mouths of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the participants in the first Democratic debate.

The comedic video starts out with Sanders' comments about Clinton's emails, but in this version, he is complimenting her on her bean-making skills.

"This woman makes dynamite beans!" he exclaims as Clinton smiles and nods. "I do, pinto, pinto," she responds.

Martin O'Malley struggles with how a baby exits the mother's body and gets flustered when Clinton blinks at him too much. "Have fun in staring class," he tells her. Lincoln Chafee says, "Golly, jeepers," and introduces his vacant face, while Jim Webb discusses his desire for a pinata and makes a poop joke.

Sanders is the star of the show, participating in a "noun challenge" and talking about fighting Chewbacca. Watch below to see who drew an expensive cup with eyes and who drew an illustration that lacked wizards and showcased a bird shooting a man in his "peewee."