HBO, Showtime Are Most Polarizing Entertainment Brands Among Democrats, Republicans

HBO Showtime Democrats Republicans - H 2012

HBO Showtime Democrats Republicans - H 2012

A study by “neuro-insight” firm Buyology measures emotional responses to 200 brands.

A couple of the most politically polarizing brands in entertainment are HBO and Showtime: Democrats love them, Republicans don't.

Such are the findings of a study conducted by “neuro-insight” firm Buyology that included 4,000 Americans who were asked their opinions about 200 brands.

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The findings regarding HBO and Showtime appear to make sense when compared with a poll that Experian Simmons took for The Hollywood Reporter two years ago, where HBO shows like Entourage (which ended in September) and Showtime offerings like Dexter were well-liked by Democrats but not by Republicans. HBO also recently took flak from the right for Game Change, a mostly unflattering look at Sarah Palin, so that also might have influenced the results.

It's all conjecture, though, since a spokeswoman for Buyology -- which has worked with leading media and lifestyle brands around the world --  says its study used a "timed response" method to "gauge gut, emotional responses." It's a scientifically sound approach to figure out what's liked and disliked by members of the two parties, though not as much for figuring out the reasons.

The full Buyology study isn’t yet available, but some of the findings include:

The “most desired” TV channel for Democrats is Animal Planet; for Republicans, it’s History.

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The desired “electronics” brand among Democrats is Sony; among Republicans it’s Sharp.

The desired sports for Democrats is the NFL; for Republicans, it’s Major League Baseball.

The  desired gaming system among Democrats is Wii, while Republicans prefer the Xbox.

The most desired car for Democrats is Jeep; for Republicans, it's BMW.

Democrats like Starbucks; Republicans prefer Dunkin’ Donuts.

Some products that both parties agree on are Apple and Google. Republicans and Democrats alike named the former their most desired technology brand and the latter their most desired Internet brand.

Buyology says the study is the first “to measure consumer relationships with brands using rigorous quantitative tools that measure people’s deeper, nonconscious connections to brands."