'DemonWars' is Devil's detail


Devil's Due Publishing has optioned film, television and merchandising rights for "DemonWars," R.A. Salvatore's fantasy novel series.

Salvatore, well known in fantasy circles, began his "DemonWars" series in the late '90s, with eight novels published so far. The stories take place in the world of Corona, a realm of magic and fantasy where organized religion controls society.

"It does have these fantastical elements like monsters and goblins, but it also has this world where everything revolves around these gemstones that are controlled by a religious order," Devil's Due president Josh Blaylock said. "It has more going on to it than the usual standard fare, and Salvatore has been able to tell fantastical stories or very grounded stories all set in the same world. It's like 'Da Vinci Code' with a more fantastical feel."

Devil's Due already is publishing graphic novel adaptations of Salvatore's "Forgotten Realms" novels and is planning on launching a "DemonWars" comic in the summer.

Devil's Due was a commercial art studio and small press comic book published that found success when it launched the comic book revamp of "G.I. Joe." That resulted in its diversifying its lineup, publishing more licensed comics as well as original titles. Two titles, "Hack/Slash" and "The Lost Squad," have been set up for features, both at Rogue Pictures. Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter are producing both.

Devil's Due also has partnered with Todd McFarlane and Curt Schilling to form video game developer Green Monster Games.

Devil's Due is repped by WMA.