Denise Richards' New Memoir: 5 Things Learned From 'The Real Girl Next Door'

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Denise Richards

The actress and reality star reveals why ex-husband Charlie Sheen had a fire pole installed in his closet and the reasons behind her four boob jobs.

Denise Richards' new memoir, The Real Girl Next Door (Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster), officially hits bookstores Tuesday, July 26.

Although the publisher promises "an up-close and personal look at her most intimate battle scars," Richards punts on saying anything remotely revealing on what really happened with Charlie Sheen.

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For example, on why their marriage fell apart, she writes: "Shortly after [becoming pregnant with second daughter Lola], our marriage changed drastically. It came out of the blue, and it was more than a rough patch. These issues are so personal I don't want to divulge exactly what changes" occurred. Oh well.

But here are five things The Hollywood Reporter did learn:

1. Her first date with Sheen was pretty normal, with one very L.A. twist: They had dinner in front of the TV while they watched the World Series. Instead of ordering pizza, Richards brought her own portion-controlled chef-prepared meal from home; Sheen pulled his own chef-prepared diet meal out of the fridge.

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2. Sheen was so paranoid that his bachelor condo had a bulletproof bedroom door and a fire pole hidden in the closet in case he needed to make a quick escape.

3. She says her only plastic surgery has been four boob jobs: The first because she thought her A cup was to small for Hollywood; the second was supposed to be a reduce the size of her implants, but against her orders the doctor increased the size of her implants; the third to finally get that reduction; and the fourth to replace ruptured implants.

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4. She writes about how much she liked Dancing With the Stars partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy off screen and then turns around and slams him for being a bad coach.

5. Her advice for surviving Hollywood? "Stay real."

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