The Hollywood Reporter to Sponsor Screening of Dennis Hopper's 'The Last Movie' at Paris Photo L.A. Fair

The Hopper Art Trust
Dennis Hopper, "The Last Movie," 1971 © The Hopper Art Trust

One of the world's top photography fairs, which will run April 25 through 27 at the Paramount Studios lot, will feature a rare public screening of the late actor-director's film, sponsored by THR.

Was there ever a film more maligned — or misunderstood — than Dennis Hopper's The Last Movie? A pet project of Hopper and screenwriter Stewart Stern, who wrote Rebel Without a Cause, in which Hopper had a small role, The Last Movie was greenlit by Universal only after Hopper directed Easy Rider, a gigantic financial and cultural hit when it was released in 1969.

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Paris Photo Los Angeles — one of the world's top photography fairs that gathers over 70 artists to the Paramount Studios lot — and the Hopper Artist Trust will present a rare public screening of the final remastered version of the film that Hopper completed in 2007. This will be the movie's first public screening since Hopper's death. Sponsored by The Hollywood Reporter, the showing also marks the first public screening of the film in L.A. and is part of the fest's tribute to the renowned actor, director and artist.

Shot on location in the remote Peruvian town of Chincero (the film's working title), The Last Movie centers on a movie extra played by Hopper who stays behind on the set of a Western after the production leaves. Following the chaotic shoot during which sex and drugs were plentiful, Hopper retreated to Taos, New Mexico, and spent the next year editing the film. Hopper's nonlinear narrative and fourth-wall-breaking techniques were meant to be avant-garde but many found the film slapdash and pretentious. "A wasteland of cinematic wreckage," Roger Ebert wrote in a typically savage review. The film won the Critics Prize at the 1971 Venice Film Festival but was never widely distributed; Hopper wouldn't direct another movie until 1980's Out of the Blue.

A presentation of Hopper's work will also be on display for the duration of the fest, which will run April 25-27. Tickets for the fair and the film screening are available for purchase.