It's a Hoax: Funny Or Die Takes Credit for Dennis Quaid Meltdown Video

The video shows how the elaborate prank unfolded.

Funny or Die has posted a full-length video explanation behind the Dennis Quaid meltdown, confirming it was a hoax.

The video shows the now-famous Quaid meltdown clip from another angle, revealing how every reference — from "Dopey the Dick" to "this is garbage" — is actually just a different, Leslie Nielsen-esque visual gag.

Dennis Quaid's On-Set Freak Out: The Full Video from Funny Or Die

It was widely speculated from the beginning that the original video, released on YouTube last Friday, wasn't real. Even Jimmy Kimmel took to his show Tuesday night to deny his involvement.

Minutes before Funny Or Die released its video, David Spade nearly let the cat out of the bag, posting a photo on Instagram showing Quaid choking out Seth Green. Spade captioned the photo, "This Dennis Quaid video is no joke. He killed @sethgreen today." He also tagged Funny Or Die, which was the first clue the comedy website was involved.


This Dennis Quaid video is no joke. He killed @sethgreen today. @funnyordie

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