Dennis Rodman: Kim Jong-un Is 'an Awesome Kid'

Dennis Rodman Basketball Hall of Fame - P 2011
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Dennis Rodman Basketball Hall of Fame - P 2011

The eccentric ex-basketball star praises the controversial Korean leader, with whom he bonded while shooting a documentary in the country.

Dennis Rodman is certainly a quote machine when it comes to his strange and improbable bond with much-maligned Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The ex-basketball pro, who visited North Korea this week while shooting a sports-themed documentary, left the country on Friday, a day after attending a basketball game with Kim. Citing the Chinese news outlet Xinhua, Reuters reports Rodman as saying Kim "is like his grandfather and his father, who are great leaders, he is an awesome kid, very honest and loves his wife so much."

Rodman was on a "basketball diplomacy" tour of North Korea with three Harlem Globetrotters players and a film crew from Vice Media. The tour will be part of a TV show Vice is producing to be aired on HBO in April.

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On Tuesday, Rodman stirred up controversy for tweeting that "maybe" he'd meet "Gangam Style" sensation Psy on his trip; but as the singer pointed out, "I'm from #SOUTH man!!!"

South Korea and North Korea have technically remained at war since the Korean conflict was suspended in a cease fire in 1953. Last month, the latter country drew international disapproval for conducting another nuclear test.

According to Reuters, Rodman and Kim met after Thursday's basketball game for an "amicable" dinner with Kim telling the former Chicago Bull that he hoped sports would foster a "mutual understanding between peoples and the two countries."

"About the relationship, no one man can do anything. His country and his people love him. I love him, he is an awesome guy," Rodman was quoted as saying.

On May 13, Rodman returns to NBC's Celebrity Apprentice for an "All-Star" edition alongside Gary Busey, La Toya Jackson and Bret Michaels.