Psy Sets Dennis Rodman Straight: 'I'm From the South, Man!'

Psy Dennis Rodman Split - H 2013
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Psy Dennis Rodman Split - H 2013

During his "basketball diplomacy" tour of North Korea, Rodman tweeted that he was hoping to meet the South Korean YouTube phenomenon on his trip.

Dennis Rodman raised some eyebrows Tuesday when he suggested in a tweet that he might encounter South Korea's most popular cultural export -- the horse-dancing "Gangnam" man, Psy -- in North Korea.

"Maybe I'll run into the Gangnam Style dude while I'm here @psy_oppa #WORMinNorthKorea," Rodman tweeted from his @dennisrodman account.

Rodman is on a "basketball diplomacy" tour of North Korea with three Harlem Globetrotters players and a film crew from Vice Media. The tour will be part of a TV show Vice is producing to be aired on HBO in April.

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South Korea and North Korea have technically remained at war since the Korean conflict was suspended in a cease fire in 1953.

International media were quick to seize on Rodman's tweet. Time ran a story on its website under the headline, "Dennis Rodman May Not Know Which Korea He’s In," and Reuters published, "Dennis Rodman Gets his 'Gangnam Style' Mixed Up in Pyongyang."

The criticism was all a bit presumptuous, given that Rodman might simply have been joking (he hasn't yet clarified).

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But just to make sure there was no confusion, Psy himself weighed in Wednesday to set the record straight, tweeting to his 2.89 million followers: "@dennisrodman I'm from #SOUTH man!!!"

Psy has been busy fulfilling pseudo-political roles too lately. On Monday, the goofball pop-rapper headlined his country's presidential inauguration ceremony in Seoul, getting the otherwise solemn crowd of 89,000 to collectively do the "Gangnam Style" horse dance before Park Geun-hye, South Korea's first female president, officially took on her title.