'Departed' first in Second City


The capital of the Midwest has spoken: Martin Scorsese's "The Departed" nabbed best picture, best director and best adapted screenplay Thursday from the Chicago Film Critics Assn. (HR 12/29).

Helen Mirren ("The Queen") and Forest Whitaker ("The Last King of Scotland") also continued their royal flush of lead actor awards from critics groups nationwide.

Clint Eastwood's "Letters From Iwo Jima" won best foreign-language film, and Davis Guggenheim's "An Inconvenient Truth" won best documentary.

Best supporting performance awards were given to Rinko Kikuchi for "Babel" and Jackie Earle Haley for "Little Children." Sacha Baron Cohen won the most promising performer award for his work in "Borat" and "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby." Rian Johnson took home most promising director honors for "Brick."

Along with William Monahan's adaptation of the 2002 Hong Kong action drama "Infernal Affairs," best original screenplay honors went to Peter Morgan for "The Queen."

Rounding out the honors, best cinematography was given to Emmanuel Lubezki for "Children of Men," and best original score went to Clint Mansell for "The Fountain."