'Departed' wins Oscar blog bump

'Dreamgirls,' 'Sunshine' also bask in increased Web chatter

A big night at the Academy Awards vaulted "The Departed" to the top of online buzz rankings on the day after the telecast, while such Oscar disappointments as "Blood Diamond" and "Babel" saw their blogosphere mentions drop considerably.

Martin Scorsese's Boston gangland epic, which received trophies for best director and best picture, led the top Oscar movies in blog mentions on the day after the Feb. 25 Oscarcast. Nielsen BuzzMetrics found that "Departed" increased more than 200% in mentions, compared with Jan. 23, the day the nominations were announced, when it ranked sixth.

"Babel," nominated for seven Oscars but winning only for original score, had a nearly 70% decrease in blog mentions on the day after the Academy Awards compared with the day nominations were announced. "Diamond" and "Little Children," both of which were nominated in multiple categories and came home winless, saw decreases of more than 50% after the ceremony.

"Little Miss Sunshine" and "Dreamgirls" were constants in online buzz rankings. "Sunshine" led all Oscar movies in mentions by a sizable margin on nominations day, and Alan Arkin's best supporting actor win keyed a 53% increase for the indie film. "Dreamgirls" came in third on both charts, and Jennifer Hudson's best supporting actress victory helped the musical, which won two awards from its eight noms, to a 32% increase in online buzz.

"The Last King of Scotland" also saw an increase of 60% in blog mentions and jumped from ninth to fourth in online buzz after Forest Whitaker took home the best actor trophy.

Nielsen BuzzMetrics is owned by the Nielsen Co., parent company of The Hollywood Reporter.