What a Derek Zoolander Interview With Vogue Looks Like

Courtesy of Video Vogue
Derek Zoolander

"Do I look like I'm on Instagram?! I've always tested clean."

Since Zoolander's whirlwind return to the spotlight during Valentino's fall 2015 show in February of last year, the infamous fictional model (played by Ben Stiller) has been welcomed with open arms by the industry's most exclusive elite.

That includes Marc Jacobs, fashion photographer Mario Testino and even the ever icy Anna Wintour, who conceded to a Vogue cover starring Zoolander's fabled "blue steel." 

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Now, the model has agreed to Vogue's 73-question challenge, answering the hard-hitting questions on everyone's mind, such as: "How do you feel about Brooklyn?" ("I really hope they find a cure") and "How often do you take the subway?" ("Hardly ever! Sandwiches are a gateway to cake.")

Zoolander is the first fictional model to participate in the series, following in the footsteps of fellow attractives Victoria Beckham and Nicole Kidman.

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If the eight-minute video is any indication of what's to come when the film is released on Feb. 12, then things are looking really, really ridiculously good. Try not to snort-laugh your way through the clip below. 

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