Derek Zoolander and Barbie Had the Most L.A. Day Ever


The pair hit up SoulCycle, followed by Pressed Juicery and selfies in Runyon Canyon.

Someone needs to give the Zoolander 2 marketing team a pat on the back. Not only has the fictional model been popping up everywhere you look, but his placement has been, well, not annoying — which is no small feat. (Cough, Star Wars, cough.)

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From landing Vogue and Esquire U.K. covers, to crashing Valentino’s runways and store displays, to establishing a real-life Derek Zoolander Center for People Who Don’t Age Good, the on-brand material has been fodder for fashion industry folk who are excited to have a meeting of the entertainment and high-fashion worlds that isn’t necessarily focused on the red carpet. (Though the film’s red-carpet fashions have been spot-on, too.)

The latest in Zoolander’s shenanigans? A partnership with Mattel in a which a doll version of the international supermodel spends the day with the most legendary of L.A.’s plastic women: Barbie.

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Zoolander’s official Instagram account chronicled their cliche L.A. adventure, which included visits to SoulCycle and Pressed Juicery, as well as a selfie-filled midday hike in Runyon Canyon.

Doll versions of Hansel (Owen Wilson) and Valentina (Penelope Cruz) also had cameos in the pair’s Instagram-worthy day — which was not without its drama. For example, a caption of Barbie, Zoolander and Cruz at brunch reads: “At an innocent friends brunch with @barbiestyle when @penelopecruzofficial walks up all mad like [angry emoji] but I'm like ‘it's not what it looks like! It's only lettuce!’ And then She was all like ‘No Derek, I can't trust you after the @caradelevigne incident!’ and I was like ‘but it was sugar free champagne!’...”

Classic. See the display below.