Design House Blackman Cruz Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Blackman Cruz Stool - P 2013
Courtesy of Blackman Cruz

Blackman Cruz Stool - P 2013

Thursday night's event drew designers Kathryn M. Ireland, Jane Hallworth and Peter Dunham among others.

There is nothing common about Blackman Cruz. Unwaveringly unique and utterly fascinating, quirky and occasionally bordering on dark, offbeat and at times touching on the macabre—these are the words one might use to describe the showroom that Thursday night celebrated its 20 year anniversary with their “New Perspectives In Form and Function” event hosted by owners Adam Blackman and David Cruz. “What Adam and David do is unlike what anybody else does. They have successfully branded themselves as a unique entity,” said guest Patrick Dragonette, owner of showroom Dragonette Limited. “Only they do what they do and they do it beautifully.”

The party drew legions of long-time fans, interior design aficionados and people who simply love a great surprise and a rousing piece of furniture, lighting or art including Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorator and one of The Hollywood Reporter’s Most Influential Interior Designers in L.A., Kathryn M. Ireland, interior designers Jane Hallworth and Peter Dunhman, both also members of THR's top designers list, architect Gulla Jonsdottir, Downtown showroom's Robert Willson, Fuse Lighting's Kevin Kolanowski, JF Chen showroom's Joel Chen, interior designer Oliver M. Furth and his partner interior design brand consultant Sean Yashar, graphic designer and illustrator Shepard Fairey, interior designer Azadeh Shladovsky, interior designer Lynnea Schwieters and Paul Marra Antiques’ Paul Marra, to name a few. 

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The modern, gothic 3,800 square foot site at 836 N. Highland Ave. --  once the gay after-hours club Probe and now a favorite high-end vintage hunting ground of celebrities like Brad Pitt -- holds treasures that could only be curated and in some cases designed by Blackman and Cruz. Revealed last night, BC Workshop’s latest—including such pieces as a bronze side table recalling stacked records, a sconce held by a bronze hand and a bison leather sea urchin. Also featured at last night's event, the new work—created in honor of their two decades—of designers Hallworth, Stefan Bishop, Damian Jones, Chuck Moffit and Gianni Vallino. “Having the space with these designers that we’ve been working with for a while and seeing their new things is very exciting,” said Blackman.

When asked what last night meant to him, Cruz, a man of few words said, “Survival. I’m very happy to have survived two decades.” Good thing they have because they are genuinely admired. Hallworth who has worked with them for ten years and done David’s house—twice—said, “It’s home and they have a taste that is copacetic with mine.” Never one to be shy, Ireland, who was stunning in a low cut, simple black dress said, “They’re eccentric, they’re mad and they love my boobs.” To the point, Oliver Furth said, “It’s the chicest store in town.” A store where one might find a walnut brass leather stool in the shape of a molar or a wood table with a split down the middle of it and clocks that resemble bombs or wind chimes that look like flying penises.

In the end, what sets them apart is a truth. “They’ve kept true to their intention, which was to make beautiful things and go a bit beyond,” said Lika Moore, Director of Design and Operations, who has been with company 17 years and has spent the last decade designing furniture with the encouragement of Blackman and Cruz. 

“It’s taken us twenty years to get here and I’m a little exhausted!” said Blackman on the later side of the evening. No doubt the showroom will spend many more years sourcing and creating one-of-a-kind pieces that only their sensibilities could bring together under one roof.