Jennifer Lopez's Interior Designer Among Stars of New Decor Website

Interior Design by Michelle Workman - H 2013
Jeffrey Ong

Interior Design by Michelle Workman - H 2013

The just-launched Design Network announces web series featuring decorating secrets from designers for stars like Madonna and John Travolta.

The Design Network (TDN) -- a crowd-sourced, video sharing online network for home design which launched April 10 -- is about to launch a new web series from celebrity favorite interior design experts.

Designer Michelle Workman, will be leaving her Los Angeles home for the reality series, Glamour Goes South. Workman has designed homes for many of Hollywood’s biggest names like John Travolta and Kelly Preston and Jennifer Lopez. For the series, she takes her talents from the glitz and glam of entertainment to the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. “I expect my future southern clients to be much more traditional,” says Workman, “I will have to push them outside of the box.”

Workman explains that designing a house means tapping into a client's personality. “Jennifer is very glamorous and believe it or not understated, while John Travolta and Kelly Preston are both very sweet and happy people,” says Workman, “I used gray palates to portray a soft feel for the understated elements of Jennifer’s personality and metallic gold and silver finishes with art deco designs for her glamorous side. We used a lot of happy bright yellows and reds for John and Kelly.”

Viewers can expect similar design tips from the large selection of digital series that run on the network. They include videos with L.A. designer Donna Livingston and Rebecca Robeson (said to have the most watched interior design channel on YouTube), while House Trip with Leah & Mary brings viewers inside the residences of tastemakers. On the Couch with Gretchen + Shane features interviews with other high-end designers like Madonna’s designer, Jamie Drake.

TDN founder Jason Harris created the network in the hope that it will become the authority on interior design, renovations, garden design and entertaining. “Home decor and interior design is not mainstream and was not resonating with consumers,” says Harris. "They rarely have awareness of the brands of home decor and basic design principles.” He formed the network to build a library that provides entertainment, inspiration and instruction reaching viewers through a multitude of screens, from computer monitors and televisions to smartphones and tablets.

A key element of  Harris' approach is creating an interactive environment where any home enthusiast interior designer or trend-setter can create content and submit it. Videos submitted are reviewed and approved by the network’s team of experts and the site’s online viewer panel. Each video provider has the chance to star on the network based on ratings calculated by viewer votes.

“A lot of people don’t have the funds to go out and produce great video content," says Harris. "We want people who have a good idea within this genre to be able to have an opportunity to pitch a show to TDN, the audience will vote on it, then we will commission the work and give them a budget.”

TDN’s founding sponsors include Baker, Four Hands, Harden, Serta, Stanley, Sunbrella, Surya Rugs, Thomasville and Young America.