Diane Von Furstenberg Breaks Her Nose Skiing

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for IMG

'I look like Mike Tyson on his worst fight,' says the iconic designer.

Diane von Furstenberg took an unexpected hit during a recent ski trip to Aspen with husband Barry Diller, and she may be out of commission for at least a week.

"Some Brazilian man, who could not ski, lost control and went straight at me, hitting me badly on my face and ribs (with his camera)," the 64-year-old fashion designer explained in a Jan. 25 email to WWD. "I went to the emergency room and then flew to UCLA. I look like Mike Tyson on his worst fight. Broken nose and some light facial fractures."

Von Furstenberg is reportedly back at her L.A. home, where she will spend the week recuperating with her family.

"I guess it could have been worse," she added optimistically, "but it does NOT look pretty ... Thank god I have Yvan Mispelaere in the sample room," the occasional Project Runway and America's Next Top Model guest host said in reference to prepping for New York's approaching Fashion Week.