Designers Dish, PFW Spring 2015 Edition: Diesel's Nicola Formichetti

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Nicola Formichetti

The inspiration behind the Diesel artistic director's latest capsule collection? "Health-conscious vegan girls who are running every day," he says.

Nicola Formichetti, the artistic director of Diesel, held a private viewing of capsule collection Diesel Tribute at London Show Rooms in Paris during Fashion Week. Here, Formichetti, a frequent collaborator with Lady Gaga, gives Pret-a-Reporter the scoop on the fun, sporty, '90s-inspired line.

How did this capsule line come to be?

This is something I've been working on in secret, in a very small way in the company. I'm working on the big main collection, and things like that. When I visited the archive I found all these amazing '90s Diesel that were all colorful and pop, so I just wanted to do a small capsule collection. This for me (indicating the showroom, which included a variety of other designers), I love supporting London small designers. This is where I come from, so we all got together and this is how this happened. … I'll be creating [the collection] twice a year from now on.

Do you have a favorite piece or pieces?

(Moves toward a women's denim and neoprene top) It was all about the logos at that time. I just thought, "This feels so now." This says "Aquaholic" — all the girls are so health-conscious, everything was mixed with scuba materials. It feels so fresh still. My favorite one is the denim; Diesel is known for denim — we kind of twisted it and it feels very fresh. I love these bags too (points to bowler-like bags made from neoprene). So cute.

How can people buy the product?

We're not going to have them in Diesel stores; we're going to have them in small cool stores all over the world, and they'll have exclusivity, which is good. It's cool for a big brand.

What will pricing be like?

I have no idea (laughs). It's not going to be expensive. It's going to be normal priced.

Did you have a girl in mind when you made this collection? Or anyone you've worked with before?

I was thinking of all my friends in New York actually. Kind of like health-crazy people, health-conscious vegan girls who are running every day — that kind of girl. I think it feels super now. We need to be conscious of who we are and our bodies. Body-conscious girls.

Are you super health conscious?

Yes. I eat properly. I'm not a vegan but I exercise.

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