Designer Gela Nash-Taylor on Coachella Fashion: Boho Style Is My Go-To Look (Q&A)

AP Photo/Skaist-Taylor
Pamela Skaist-Levy, left, and Gela Nash Taylor

While weekend one of the music fest is officially over, prep for round two with the former Juicy Couture co-owner's preferred style in the desert.

While Coachella's first weekend has officially ended, there's still more music to be heard -- and more fringes and floral crowns to be seen -- on the polo fields of Indio during weekend two. And to prep for our second round, we chatted with designer Gela Nash-Taylor (co-founder of fashion label Pam & Gela with business partner Pamela Skaist-Levy), who's married to Duran Duran bass guitarist and co-founder John Taylor.

With Nash-Taylor's obsession with music (she did marry a musician, after all) and expertise in music fest attire, Pret-a-Reporter chatted with the former Juicy Couture co-owner to see how she dresses to survive the blazing heat (and windy sandstorms!) and what's her go-to look in the desert.

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Pret-a-Reporter: I'm sure you've been to Coachella many times – how many times have you gone? What's your general style when you're out there?

Gela Nash-Taylor: I can’t remember a year someone in my family hasn’t gone to Coachella. It’s the ultimate California music festival and being a California company obsessed with laid-back L.A. style, we never want to miss it.

What are your tips on packing?

Packing is key and is dictated by extreme heat and day-for-night dressing. I always go for the ethnic/tribal boho look. Maybe some over-the-knee gladiators and a good cross body bag. I pile on the Berber jewelry, too – it’s a total obsession.

Totally. Who inspires your music fest attire?

I am always inspired by incredible looks that I’ve never seen before -- either on people in the crowd, walking around or on one of the stages. It’s this show of personal style that translates into candid snapshots from Coachella on every mood board across the world. The world is obsessed with California cool and Coachella is a mecca of Cali culture and style.

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With so many celebs who attend the fest, what's it like seeing them outside the red carpet?

Personally, I love seeing celebrities dressed down and in their own style. But that’s the key -- bringing your own style to Coachella.

Of all the years you've gone, what has been the most memorable one?

My favorite festival moment? Watching Duran Duran play on the main stage – it was the ultimate Coachella experience for me!

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