Designer Kari Sigerson Starts New Shoe Line With Steve Madden

Shoes 3 Split - H 2012

Shoes 3 Split - H 2012

The Sigerson Morrison cofounder, whose confidently stylish designs have been popular with the stars, will launch 7B in spring 2013.

Reese Witherspoon was a fan. So was Catherine Keener.

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Stars casually brushed in and out of the old Sigerson Morrison shoe store on West Third St. near Sweetzer like it was the Chateau Marmont. The shoes designed by Kari Sigerson and Miranda Morrison were less expensive than Manolo's and Louboutin's, but confidently stylish, well designed - and - amazingly - truly comfortable. They were particularly known for their sandals and their boots, both of which made the pages of all the major fashion magazines. And known for great flats and low heeled pumps even when stilletto's ruled the range. Charlize Theron was known to pop into their Nolita boutique on Prince St. in New York.

But then it all went terribly wrong. The Sunday New York Times recently chronicled the demise of Sigerson Morrison--as designed by its originators--when the two ladies decided to let a major investor attempt to take the company much bigger. When he wanted to produce the shoes in China as opposed to Italy to save money, the ladies balked, and were promptly fired from the company they founded. Their stores suddenly closed, and now when you see Sigerson Morrison shoes at Barneys Coop or Nordstom, they're a whole different animal, produced by a conglomerate, and made in China.

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But there is light at the end of the tunnel - Kari Sigerson has joined forces with shoe giant Steve Madden to create a new line called 7B, which will be in the stores for spring 2013. 7B will launch 30 to 40 new styles into stores like Barneys and Bergdorf's, and e-commerce sites like Net-A-Porter. Prices will range from $250 to $675. This is a much higher pricepoint than Steve Madden shoes, so this is new territory for him too.

These three styles are definitely in the line, but we probably won't see more till February 2013. In the meantime, we will continue to wear are old pairs - they still look just as good.