Designer Nicole Winnaman on the Best Reds For Valentine's Day

Nikki West Valentine's Day Four Split - P 2013
Courtesy of Nikki West

Nikki West Valentine's Day Four Split - P 2013

Red blouses, pants, dresses, camisoles, lipstick, nailpolish - even wine! Fash Track asked Nikki West designer Nicole Winnaman for her picks of the best red hot hues for a romantic night.

For an L.A.-based designer who specializes in red, Valentine's Day is like the Super Bowl. Fash Track asked Nikki West's Nicole Winnaman for her favorite romantic reds - in clothes, makeup - and even food - for Thursday's classic date night. Her store, Nikki West, is at One Colorado in Pasadena.

The Hollywood Reporter:  Why is red the most romantic color?

Winnaman: it's daring and sexy and makes you think about sex... I always wear red Cosabella lingerie! It's verified romantic!.  

THR: What red pieces in the Nikki West line would you recommend for ladies to wear that are VERY romantic? Dresses, blouses, trousers, skirts...

Winnaman: The red Kate blouse is always a favorite, it's flowiness and bow let you dress it up or down. I love the Phillip dress - a sexy silk and leather twisted racer back dress; it's got great lines and shows off your best features. The Robin Dress It's 100% Italian stretch silk, it's very soft and very figure flattering! and then our Sandy tuxedo jacket is a fabulous violent red with a black and white polka dot lining - I would wear that with a skirt and sexy cami.

THR: Outside of Cosabella, what's your favorite piece of red lingerie?

Winnaman: A silk camisole - I love being able to take your daytime sexy layers to bed!

THR: Who makes your favorite red shoes?

Winnaman: Gucci - the Lisbeth slingback sandal - Amazing!

THR:  What's your favorite red nail polish color?

Winnaman: Chanel - Lotus Rouge

THR: Is there a scent you can think of that smells like red – something with roses maybe?

Winnaman: L'Artisan Perfumer Rose - it's subtle and a little sweet...

THR: What candle and scent do you recommend for V day?

Winnaman: Nikki West's Violet - The notes in this candle are so subtle..  I have people coming from all over just to see what smells so good..  I am always burning one in my bedroom.

THR: What's the most romantic red food? Red velvet cake? Strawberries? Raspberries?

Winnaman: Red wine - a light smokey one like Iron Horse Pinot Noir - with a few strawberries - that's a home run!