Hydrated Hollywood: Designer Water Bottles Are the New Fashion Accessory


Pricey water bottles are receiving luxury department store status.

When they're not drinking cold-pressed green juice, organic coconut water or certified fair trade cold brews, celebrities can be counted on to have another choice beverage in tow: good ol' H2O

The zero-calorie, gluten-free refreshment is perfect for toting from Soul Cycle to Whole Foods to Dry Bar and back to Soul Cycle again. And thanks to two It brands of the moment, S'well and bkr, your bottle can be just as stylish as your Outdoor Voices leggings (because everyone knows Lululemon is so 2015). 

Gone are the days of banged-up aluminum bottles with chipped paint. In 2016, hot Hollywood milennials (Miley Cyrus, Dakota Fanning) prefer a more fashionable variety, which come in an array of pastel shades and cool patterns. Just how trendy are these Dasani alternatives? Gwyneth Paltrow retails her own "goopette" bkr bottles for $28 on goop.com. 


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bkr (pronounced "beaker," because vowels are not hip) is a brand of glass bottles sheathed in silicon that was founded in 2011 by San Francisco-natives Tal Winter and Kate Cutler — a pair who, according to their website, "believed in La Dolce Vita, in love and in themselves ... they met for sushi dates, spa days and weekend trips to Palm Springs." 

The bright bottles ($28-$45) with names like "Bougie" (a frosty pink) and "Glow" (a rosy orange) have become a cult favorite among on-the-go Angelenos Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, Jessica Biel and Vanessa Hudgens. 


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S'well Bottles are another trendy replacement for plastic landfill fodder. The brand of stainless steel bottles ($35-$42), founded in 2010 by Sarah Kauss, boast the ability to keep cold drinks cool for 24 hours, and hot drinks warm for 12. Like bkr, S'well is all about the design. In addition to rainbow hues, the company has collaborated with Liberty London, Donald Robertson (@drawbertson) and, most recently, artist Gray Malin to make bottles into fashion accessories. 

But you won't find either brand at your local Wal-Mart. No, these colorful containers have achieved luxury department store status, retailing at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale's alongside high-end designer duds. S'well Bottles can also be found at your local J.Crew, Athleta, Revolve, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters — even Barnes & Noble.


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Stay thirsty, my friends.