Life After 'Desperate Housewives': What's Next For the Cast

Desperate Housewives Court Room Finale - H 2012

Desperate Housewives Court Room Finale - H 2012

As the ABC primetime soap came to a close, the ladies look forward to family time and new projects ahead.

Millions of viewers tuned in to say goodbye to the Desperate Housewives on Sunday, May 13 after eight seasons.

Although there must have been lots of tears, (Felicity Huffman predicted she would be "crying in Eva's arms" watching the finale) series endings also mean good things for cast and crew members, including family time and new projects. 

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Eva Longoria (Gabrielle): The curtain has closed on Wisteria Lane, but the actress, producer and activist Longoria will remain busy. Fulfilling her role, in what she expressed to The Hollywood Reporter as “The most important election in my lifetime,” as one of President Obama’s national co-chairs. In the Obama for America movement, she will be traveling to swing states specifically engaging Latin Americans and women to support Obama for re-election. “So when the election comes, it’s going to be a pretty clear choice if you’re a woman, if you’re Latino – it’s going to be very clear who’s on your side.” Longoria has also begun to focus more on some producing projects. One of them is producing NBC’s upcoming dating series, Ready for Love, as well as co-producing with Housewives creator Marc Cherry on the soapy drama pilot, Devious Maids, for ABC. She has also placed a legal drama with The CW.

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Felicity Huffman (Lynette): It’s a bittersweet ending for Huffman. “It’s really the water we’ve been swimming in for the last eight seasons. Our children have grown up. It’s going to be a real sea change. It’s been the most wonderful years of my professional life,” the actress who played Lynette told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview with husband William H. Macy. The two recently earned side-by-side stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and will appear together in the indie film “Rudderless,” a musical drama that revolves around a parent recovering from the loss of a child. Huffman also launched a lifestyle website called, where moms can go for advice. Shameless star Macy, lightheartedly told THR what he felt about his wife’s longterm series ending: “We’re the luckiest palookas that I got Shameless as Housewives is ending. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to start living on my salary as opposed to Felicity’s salary, which is not fun. But we can do it.” 

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Marcia Cross (Bree): After an amazing run on Desperate Housewives, receiving multiple awards and nominations for her portrayl of Bree, Cross said she is ready for some family time. "There are so many things I want to do, but it's really about the people I've sort of neglected in my mind, though they don't necessary feel that way, over the eight years," the mother of 5-year-old twin daughters with husband Tom Mahoney (who struggled with cancer back in 2009) told People. "I had children, my husband was not well for a while, so I have I been on this very busy, busy, busy road. I want to have time and space to hear how my friends are doing,” she said. 

Teri Hatcher (Susan): Winning a Golden Globe award for her role as Susan Mayer, life after Housewives includes making her directorial debut in an upcoming episode of ABC Family's fashion-drama Jane by Design. She'll also star in the series for four episodes as Jane's estranged mother, Erica Dasher. "I'm thrilled for the opportunity to direct," Hatcher said in a statement. "So many of the crew and cast of Desperate Housewives have been encouraging me to do this for a long time, from Vanessa WilliamsJames Denton, to the talented camera crew department and producers. Now that I have time, I'm excited to wholeheartedly conquer new ventures."

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Vanessa Williams (Renee): After two seasons on Desperate Housewives, Williams is changing her TV address. She is moving from Wisteria Lane to 666 Park Avenue, the name of her newly ordered pilot for ABC. She told THR about her character in the supernatural series. “Her name is Olivia Duran. And she’s married to Terry O’Quinn from Lost,” she said. “And it’s about an iconic building in New York, and in order to get into the building you have to make a few sacrifices. And we own the building, so you have to get through us.”