'Despicable Me 2' Delivered to Mexican Cinemas Via Satellite

Despicable Me 2 Dr. Nefario - H 2013
Universal Pictures

Despicable Me 2 Dr. Nefario - H 2013

The Universal movie is the first to be distributed this way in Latin America.

MEXICO CITY -- Universal's Despicable Me 2 is making history in Mexico as the first film to get wide satellite distribution.

Contenido Alternativo, Latin America’s first alternative digital distributor, delivered Despicable Me 2 to 281 Cinepolis theaters ahead of the picture’s Friday release here in Mexico. Contenido Alternativo has previously worked with Cinepolis in distributing live digital content to its theaters via satellite.

The new satellite technology is quicker and more efficient.

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“It took only a few hours to deliver the film, compared to three or four days that it usually takes to copy and distribute hard drives to all the theaters,” said Contenido Alternativo head Juan Manuel Borbolla.

Additionally, satellite movie distribution dramatically reduces costs. Cinepolis, Latin America’s leading theater chain, has gone 100 percent digital in preparation for the new cost-efficient technology.

The digital transformation has allowed exhibitors to gradually phase out pricey celluloid copies. Industry experts believe this could be the last year that film prints are distributed in U.S. theaters.