Deutsch to use NextMedium tech


NextMedium announced Thursday that Deutsch will be the first advertising agency to utilize its online marketplace for brand integration in order to maximize opportunities for its clients.

"We talk to producers, networks and content providers all the time, but NextMedium's platform adds a critical layer to the discussion," said Peter Gardiner, chief media officer for Deutsch. "It will give us better access to inventory, campaign control and analytics, and opens more doors for us, enhancing brand capabilities for both Deutsch and our branded entertainment practice Media Bridge Entertainment."

According to NextMedium, its Embed platform serves as a complete management system to secure and analyze brand integration opportunities available in the marketplace. Deutsch will be able to register its clients on the platform and define specific campaign objectives, including demographic and psychographic targeting, desired exposure types and general branding objectives. The Embed matching engine will then display contextually relevant inventory available from its network of TV, music and film partners. Deutsch will be able to negotiate creative aspects of the deal and secure inventory entirely through the Embed platform, NextMedium said.

Deutsch will also be using Embed Intelligence, NextMedium's analytics package, to recommend pricing and assess the media and branding value after the branded entertainment campaign is complete.

"We have hundreds of registered brands in our network, but Deutsch is the first to organize an agency-level commitment to offer a brand integration marketplace to its clients," said NextMedium CEO David Bluhm. "We're thrilled to be partnering with a forward-thinking agency that is committed to offering innovative brand building solutions."